Friday, 31 March 2017

31st March 2017, Subframe spacers

I have had a few folks comment on the small bump that has appeared in the bonnet. Its caused by the oil filler cap hitting the underside sometimes as the engine rocks on its mountings.  I am using some good old mounts which are much softer than the modern replacements you buy these days because the new ones transmit too much vibration.  It provides a much smoother drive but the penalty is the amount of movement the old mounts allow.

I did happen to have a kit of some standard TR8 spacers that lower the subframe so thought that might be worth a try. These are about 15mm thick so will lower the engine by that amount relative to the car body and come with longer bolts to suit and since I had only replaced the subframe less than 2 years ago everything was free to undo.

Fitting was pretty easy, just a question of supporting the subframe on a jack with the car on stands. Then simple to undo the bolts through the chassis, lower the subframe just enough the add the spacer and replace the bolts with the new longer ones.  I used a picture that Odd Hedberg had posted some time back which shows the order that the various bolts/washers/spacers go so checked I had it all in the right place.
Odd Hedberg Picture

New TR8 Spacer Fitted
 I have not noticed any change in the handling after the job but I thought it was worth getting the front alignment checked just to make sure everything was OK and this is the result the fancy computerised rig produced.


Only thing is the left side caster is a little off but not enough to worry about so I am happy with that.

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