Monday, 12 December 2016

4th September 2016, Tetbury Car Show

Tetbury Classic Car Show has grown quickly since it started only a couple of years ago and this year it was bigger than ever. Looking at the organisers information and just looking round the site we reckoned there must have been over 400 cars on show.  What fascinates me is where do they all come from and then disappear back to in between shows? They must all be hiding in garages all over the area.

Anyway, back to the show.  We went as part of the Glavon TR Register group and we had a really good turn out of our cars. In addition quite a few other independent TRs turned up and the organisers directed them to park with us as well so it produced a really impressive double row of  more than 20 TRs of various types.

Glavon TR Register stand
My TR7 in the line up

There were lots of great looking cars to see but not all were what they appeared to be, see the example below.
Looks great doesn't it?

But look closer, telescopic dampers and vented disc brakes!

Now this is more like it, a real car with cable brakes and friction dampers.

There was also other exhibits like this Dursley Pedersen bicycle.

And one of my all time favourite cars, a lovely Alfa Spider

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