Monday, 10 April 2017

9th April 2017, TR Register Glavon group run to Croft Castle

After our super day out on the Daffodil Run one of our TR Register Glavon group members had organised a nice little club run up to Croft Castle near Leominster on 9th April. About 20 TRs of various types met up at a garden centre just north of Hereford having arrived from several collection points.  The weather was absolutely perfect with a clear blue sky so after a cuppa and nibbles we all set off in convoy and made a fine sight.

Almost immediately after leaving the start we crossed a small ford near the village of Wellington and I managed to get a couple of screen shots from our dashcam.
TR3 in front of us leaving the ford
We went through a little faster!
I couldn't resist ploughing through the water, but none of our cars had any problems and it was only about 15 miles further on to our destination at Croft Castle.

It had been arranged that some of the cars would be parked in front of the house but there was only room for some of us and we were lucky to be the last one allowed there. 

Good selection of Glavon TRs at Croft Castle
We had arrived just before lunchtime and the cars proved quite an attraction as more visitors arrived during the day. Many of them stopped to ask questions and talk about the cars. Turns out one of the castle guides used to live close to the factory at Solihull where my TR7 was built and he used to own one himself back in the 1970s.

Looking out from the castle.
By now the temperature had reached the low 20s so sandals and shorts were required.  After a bite to eat we had plenty of time to look around the lovely grounds and the house itself, where some of the orginal family still live. Their family tree on display dates back to 1089 which is a bit further than I have been able to get with mine!

All of  us set off  to make our individual journeys home and we had a leisurely run with the warm weather meaning that sandals, tee-shirts and shorts were still ideal for the drive back.

Another grand day out in the TR7.

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