Friday, 1 April 2016

30th March 2016, Radio fix and console change.

The radio has been playing up a bit, working sometimes and not others so I needed to find out why. I had only stuffed an old Panasonic stereo/cassette in there as a temporary one anyway so it was time to do something more permanent.  The radio location in a TR7 does not have enough depth behind it to take most standard head units without sticking out but I had a modern Radiomobile unit which is much smaller that I kept from the old red car. There is no cassette player but it has facility for an SD card, a USB stick and an Aux input instead.

Tracing the intermittent fault was the first priority and with the console removed I soon found that moving the wiring about caused the fault to come and go. The problem was to narrow it down to which wires. Trial and error revealed it was in the two standard connectors just below the heater that supply live and earth to the radio. Attempts at cleaning the connectors didn't work so I ended up replacing them with modern crimp connections. Not as neat but the fault was fixed. Looking at the old connectors I took off revealed some corrosion in the wires so they obviously got wet at sometime in the past - maybe from a heater leak judging by the location.
New crimps connectors fixed the radio fault
Whilst the console was out I took the chance to replace the old cigarette lighter with a modern 12v socket and add a USB output socket as well. This will be useful for a phone charger or sat nav later.
Console with USB, 12v and driving lamps switch


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