Monday, 1 February 2016

January 2016, stuck clutch etc

Nice day a couple of weeks back so thought I would give the TR7 a run and found the clutch plate was stuck to the flywheel. I couldn't get any gears with the engine running. This has happened to me before and is quite common on cars parked up so I just went though my usual routine.

1. warm the engine up.
2. switch off and re-start the engine with the car in first gear. You are now hopping down the road like a kangaroo.
3. with the clutch pedal held down go ON-OFF-ON-OFF the accelerator (gas) and it will suddenly free itself.
4. drive a couple of miles to warm it all through and slip the clutch a few times to clean it off.

I went out again two days ago with the same excuse to make sure the clutch was not seized and drove a few miles round my usual "test" route. All was well and I cycled the headlights a few times to make sure they OK. Then as I got home for lunch I found the headlights stuck in the UP position with the switch off and refused to go down. They were not lit but just stayed UP.  No time now so will investigate after lunch.

After lunch I returned to the car to find the lights had gone down all by themselves!  Tested them several times and they worked perfectly.  I will need to keep an eye on them.

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