Thursday, 10 September 2015

6th September 2015, Tetbury Classic Car Show

Nice day out last Sunday at the Tetbury Classic Car show, its a local show less than 20 minutes drive from home but is well supported with over 500 cars this year.  We belong to the GLAVON group of the TR Register and we had 13 TR's on display including two TR7's, both unusually with Sprint engines. Our group leader has a very nice red TR7 coupe fitted with a Sprint engine and power steering. I have offered to buy it from her but she loves the car and drives it almost daily. 

GLAVON TR Register stand being set up.
 You can see from the picture it was a beautiful day and we found all kinds of interesting cars to look at. Our cars attracted quite a bit of attention and there was also a lovely row of Healeys opposite which were much admired.

Big Healy row.
Few pictures of various other nice stuff at the show.

Mod heaven.

Nice Karman Ghia and Alpine, both GLAVON members.

Pretty tidy Avenger Tiger. Don't think its a replica.

Nice row of Imps.

I know its a Marina, but it is in superb condition.

How does he keep that exhaust manifold looking so good?

Flat Head hotrod, the guy drives it regularly but is it road legal?

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