Friday, 21 August 2015

20th August 2015, MOT

Just back from the garage with a nice new MOT certificate so good to go for another year.  No real issues with the car, the tester just made a couple of observations.

1. The mixture is very slightly rich so the SU's just want to be adjusted up a flat or two.

2. The driver side front wheel bearing has a little too much free play but not enough to fail.

Back home and legal for another year.

The all-important proof!
Item 1. may well be down to when I changed the carb mountings and replaced them with aluminium ones.  I wanted to let it all settle down and will now see if I can set them up properly.

Item 2. I have been looking for the cause of a slight flutter on the brake pedal and found the drivers side has about 10 thou run-out in the disc so need to take that apart and clean it all up anyway so can fix the free play as part of the job.

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