Tuesday, 14 July 2015

14th July 2015, more days out

Not too much to report since the last post, we have been out a few times in the TR7 and went out on the Black & White Trail with our GLAVON TR Register group. We also joined up the Gloucester branch of the TSSC making up a varied group of about 20 cars.  The route was approx 150 miles in total and it was a nice day but heavy showers were forecast so we set off with the hood down but expected it might have to go up. The trail starts at Dilwyn near Leominster and meanders though mostly country lanes. Its a lovely rural area and the Elizabethan style timbered houses which give the trail its name look fantastic. We stopped in Weobley for coffee - at a pub - but soon afterwards the sky got very dark and the first rain drops appeared on the screen. I chose to stop under a huge oak tree which gave us shelter while I put the roof up just as the heavens opened, but some of the other crews left it too late and got absolutely drenched doing theirs. One of our members has a TR4A with a Surrey top and doesn't use the centre section, he just carries a neat umbrella which covers the gap. All went well until they exceeded 50mph and the umbrella collapsed just as the rain was at its heaviest so they got completed soaked.

The TR7 electrics got a good test with lights, wipers and blower going but coped perfectly.  The rain got so bad that most of us decided to cut the last part of the trail and went direct to the finish and lunch at a golf club just south of Leominster. Naturally the rain then stopped so the cars were left drying out in the car park until mid way though the excellent carvery there was a clap of thunder and large hailstones started - it was that kind of day.

Some GLAVON cars at the start near Newent

Wide selection of cars at coffee break

Coffee stop at Ye Olde Salutation Inn, Weobley

500 years of history, 1460's house and 1960's TR4

GLAVON member drying out at the finish.
The car has been generally behaving itself (everything crosssed writing that!) but the jobs to do list has not reduced at all. To give you an idea the list currently looks like this:-

Check rear axle links and fixings,
Tidy wiring under the dash,
Sort out radio console/wiring,
Swap front suspension subframe (I found some rust in places),
Replace steering rack gaiters (they look a bit nasty),
Check/replace fuel pipes under bonnet (some looking suspect),
Check electric fuel pump mountings (anti-vibration bushes to fit),
Adjust wiper parking position,
Sort out right hand headlight motor (its a bit slow),
Fit daytime running lights,
Check front discs for run-out (getting a bit of vibration),
Replace front number plate (its a bit scruffy),
Fit the new sun visors,
Fit wire mesh over fresh air inlet (stops leaves getting into the vents),
Get the windscreen re-fitted (its not very well done),
Change the speedo to press button reset,
Fit CB radio,
Repair/replace some broken hood poppers,

Oh well, it all keeps me out of mischief.

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