Saturday, 25 July 2015

25th July 2015, Subframe replacement.

When I was poking about under the car recently I noticed some signs of corrosion coming through on the subframe so I though it was time to have a proper investigation. Look what I found, some very nasty rust that made it urgent to get the subframe changed.
Perforation showing which caused the change.

Very nasty rust where the bottom arm mounts.

 Luckily I had a spare good one in stock which just needed a clean up and a touch of paint. I will also fit the polybushes I kept from my old car to replace the perished rubber ones I took off.
Nice and shiny with no rust and ready to fit.

Update: 27th July

Fitted the new subframe today and the car is now sitting back on its wheels again. Had the usual battle with pulling the bottom arms in enough to get the bolts lined up but a big ratchet strap soon did the trick.  Just need to pop down to the local tyre fitters to get the tracking checked now.

Polybushes and anti-dive blocks ready.

That's much better, all new and tidy.
Only thing now is I did notice doing this job was the ball joint rubbers on the bottom arms are looking a bit tired so that will be another little job to add to the list.  I took a couple of minutes to soak all the nuts with magic spray in preparation because they looked a bit dry. Time will tell if it works.

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