Thursday, 2 April 2015

April 2nd 2015, Hood cover, instruments and starter heat shield.

Now the roll hoop had been repositioned the top could fold back at last which was great to see. All we need now is some nice weather to enjoy it.  The hood cover still needs to be modified properly to fit around the bar but I was able to attack it with scissors enough to get a temporary fit.
Now that is how a convertible should look.
With the roll hoop done I was able to concentrate on refitting the dash instruments.  I had ended the day before with it half finished but all the covers and screws are now done.  Momentary problem when one of the indicator repeater lights in the dash wasn't working but that was just a bulb holder not seated correctly.
We have instrument lighting.
 The green LED illumination bulbs work really well and replace the standard white bulbs with their green plastic covers.  The other warning lights I have left with standard bulbs for the moment.   I tried some LED's in them but was not convinced they make a worthwhile improvement.


The oil pressure gauge I use is a Smiths full scale mechanical one so the feed pipe needs to be connected to the engine.  This connects to the oil transfer cover by the filter via a T-piece.  I do have a modified transfer cover with fittings for an oil cooler but I don't think its necessary for the moment.
I also took the opportunity to do an oil change.  The new oil is Millers Classic Sport 20-50 Semi-synthetic which I have seen good reports about.

Not the best picture but the oil T-piece is clearly shown.
With it all fitted and working this is what the working instruments look like now with the engine up to temperature and ticking over..


When we transferred the Sprint engine from the old car, I took the opportunity to fit a new modern High Torque starter. This spins the engine over really well but the old heat shield no longer fits.
Powerlite High Torque Starter RAC406
 The TR7 heat shield clips onto the solenoid but the new starter solenoid is different so the shield clips do not fit.  I could have made a nice one out of aluminium sheet but found a really nice universal one for sale quite cheaply.  These consist of a kind of aluminised blanket that wraps around the starter and fixes with Velcro.
New starter heat shield.
New heat shield in place round starter.


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