Wednesday, 22 April 2015

19th April 2015 - Corinium Run

The Corinium Run is a fairly gentle tour of the Cotswold lanes around the Cirencester area organised by an old friend and ex-navigator of mine Martin Saunders.  Its part of the HRCR Scenic Tour Series so always has a good selection of interesting cars taking part and all of this within 30 miles of home. Excellent stuff.  They ask you to nominate your estimate mpg on the entry form then see how close you actually get to it.  I had no idea what the TR7 fuel consumption is so made a wild guess at 28mpg.

The day of the run was nice and perfect for open top motoring. We covered 122 miles in lovely scenery and our fuel consumption at the end was 27.6mpg.  An AC Cobra replica also taking part did about half that as I watched the guy put £48 of fuel in after only 122 miles !!
It was a bit scary filling the fuel tank right to the brim for the first time ever but it never showed any signs of fumes or leaks.

The TR7 had behaved itself perfectly all day with no problems whatever so we agreed it was a grand day out.

On an interesting note, we went past Down Ampney and the ditch where my very first proper rally ended in 1970. This was the Mynd Trophy Rally that I did in our family Ford Prefect 107E. The ditch was deep and we had to get the local farmer to tow us out, but not a mark on the car. Very lucky.

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