Monday, 9 March 2015

March 2015, old red car is stripped and ready to go!

I have been taking stuff off the old red car for some time but the final big parts like the rear axle and front suspension had to wait until I could free up some working space in the garage. The cold and wet weather around Christmas and the start of 2015 had also caused a lack of motivation but we had a few nice days in early March so I got stuck in.  It was not too difficult and it was all soon on the floor. Taking the doors and window winders apart was interesting so I took a few pictures to remind me how it goes together. This will help because I need to put some new winders in the blue car.
The petrol tank was a bit more difficult and I had to be a bit careful as there was still about a gallon of fuel left in it which would not siphon out.
Old shell ready to go.

Having had no interest in the old car previously I was surprised to find quite a few folks wanted stuff now it was apart.  A guy from Devon who is building a TR7V8 rally car wanted the boot and bonnet but may also take the rest of the shell.  The seats were pretty good so they have gone straight onto Ebay along with the S&S uprated vented disc kit.

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