Thursday, 12 March 2015

March 2015, TR7 Handbrake is excellent, Front spolier.

Whilst I was taking all the stuff off the old red car I forgot to mention that in between times I have swapped the axle over into the blue car.  I also popped a new handbrake cable in at the same time because I had it in stock and it seemed daft not to use it. I did the swap because I had already replaced all the rear brake stuff on the old car and I knew it was all good.
In addition I had some handbrake lever extensions already fitted to that axle.  These will not make a bad handbrake into a good one but they do give a properly set up one that bit of extra bite.
TR7 handbrakes can often be very poor, especially if they are not maintained. The self-adjusters do not work very well so people try to compensate by tightening up the cables which does not help.
The very simple trick is that it is vital to keep it all in good condition with everything moving freely and properly adjusted. You may have to manually adjust the self-adjusters! 

I was discussing this with a guy called "Stag76" on the TR7/8 Forum and he gave me a pair of the handbrake extensions he made himself.  These are nicely made and really work.  Oh, and I should mention that Stag76 is in Australia and his real name is Bruce (yes really!).  He just sent them to me. What a top bloke!

Handbrake Improvers - Excellent

There are also some nice looking ones often advertised for sale that fit on the Stag, 2000 and other TR models but these DO NOT FIT on TR7's because they foul on the damper bracket. They also cost about £30 so don't waste your money on them. See photo below.

Commercial Triumph 2000/Stag extensions -  They do not fit on the TR7

I also took the chance to swap the battered front spolier with the slightly better one from the old red car. Very easy job but well worth doing as it tidies up the front quite a bit.  Its still not perfect but looks much less battered than before. The pictures do not show it very well, its looks much better when you see it as the newer one is much less "nibbled".



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