Tuesday, 14 October 2014

September 2014 - Engine transplant

My planned new uprated motor project is still delayed, holidays are approaching and the Blue car MOT is due soon - but it has no engine so what to do?
Answer: Swap the Sprint engine out of the old red car that will be scrapped soon.
Here it comes.

Sprint engine in its new (temporary) home.
We actually took the engine and box out in one go and swapped them straight into the blue car with only a pause for a cup of tea in between.  The car passed its MOT next day and went to the Tetbury Classic Car show the day after that.  Couldn't have been too bad because our club got the award for the best club stand at the show!
GLAVON group TR Register stand.
Since the show I have tidied up a couple of more items and swapped it onto the Minilite look-alike wheels that I intend to use.  The old Montego criss-cross ones have been sold.
Sort of finished look.

 Another "little" problem I forgot to mention is that the hood will not fold down because it fouls on the roll hoop. This is very annoying because it means the hoop will have to be repositioned/lowered to suit. Not an easy task as it will mean re-drilling the side mounting plates on the hoop.
I had naively thought that those pre-drilled holes in the hoop and the existing captive nut in the body are supposed to go together - but it seems not.
Luckily with winter approaching the top can stay up most of the time for the moment. I have enlisted a couple of friends and they will help realign the hoop while it is re-drilled to a new and lower position. Needs a nice dry day when we can all get together but no rush for the moment. 

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