Monday, 16 December 2013

November 2013 - Putting blue car back together

After the leaking fuel puzzle was solved (see previous post) I started to think about putting the interior stuff back that I had taken out to help with welding and painting.  I also noticed the rear bumper metalwork was looking a bit scruffy so had a closer look and decided it had to go. See pictures below which explain why.
old bumper - past its best

I had a ring round and bought a good secondhand one from one of our TR Register group members who has several TR7's.  All it needed was a quick tidy up and a coat of paint. Fitting the plastic covers back was a fiddly job where you seem to need three hands but after a few choice words of persuasion it all went back together and is a much better result.

New bare bumper before plastic cover

 Now I could turn my attention to the interior.

Whilst the car was being welded and painted I got the bodyshop guys to install a couple of captive nut mounting points for the Aleybars  roll hoop that I have.  This had originally come with the old red car but had never been bolted in, it was simply just placed in position. Looked OK but was only decoration and wobbled about when you got hold of it.  At least now was the chance to install it properly, see new mounting plate with its captive nuts welded in position.

Plate with captive nuts for roll hoop
I also had a fine time scraping off the remnants of adhesive where the old carpet had been stuck on. It was very rough and jagged so had to be done but was a real swine to get off.  I tried various tools and concoctions but ended up with a petrol soaked rag as the best method. It took a couple of unpleasant hours but had to be done.
Job done  but I don't want to do that again!
Roll hoop and rear panel fitted
Came across a few of these stickers on the trim

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