Wednesday, 10 April 2013

2012 - Engine goes bang.

Driving the TR7 to Gloucester one day it started to play up.  It was a damp day and I set off with a slight fluffy misfire.  I put this down to the damp weather but instead of clearing the misfire persisted and then got worse.  When I noticed the distinctive smell of burnt oil I realised it was serious and stopped to investigate. There was fresh oil that seemed to have come from the dipstick hole and a bad misfire. Taking off the oil filler cap revealed a loud  chuff - chuff - chuff  sound. The conclusion was a possible gasket or maybe a boken ring or blown piston so I drove back home gently watching the oil pressure and water temp gauges.

Having had another look and ponder out came the engine and see what I found - a couple of broken rings.

I also found some evil looking sludge in the sump, maybe due to the oil cooler?

Decision time, do I repair the old engine or bring forward the Sprint conversion?

I didn't think too long before going for the Sprint option.

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