Sunday, 23 December 2012

2002, TR7 Story Begins

My TR7 beginings.

OK, I am new to this blog lark so am trying to see how it works by writing a bit about my TR7 tinkerings,so please excuse my incompetence. I hope it will get better as it goes on.

I bought my first TR7  ( HJW 77 W ) in 2002 as a way to get some inexpensive (!) soft top motoring. I didn't set out to buy a TR7, it just happened to come along at a sensible price and was taxed, tested etc so was ready to go.

 TR7 as bought in 2002

I have always played about with cars and after giving up rallying I needed something in the garage to tinker with and the TR7 seemed a good choice. The car got a fair bit of use but by the end of the year it needed work for the MOT and got put in the garage as the winter project.  However, lots of house jobs got in the way and it was a five years before I got serious again and decided to put it back on the road.

TR7 in here somewhere April 2007

You will have noticed from the picture that I had to "excavate" the car first but under all that stuff it was still fine.  It just needed the usual things doing - the clutch was stuck on the flywheel, front brakes were sticky, rear brake cylinders seized etc etc. Oh, and the points needed doing, more of that later.

I had been doing a bit of reading about the cars in the meantime (like you do) and wanted to make some changes/improvements when it went back on the road so the TR7 project really begins here.  There was now also a shopping list of possible changes including making it go faster but first it had to be roadworthy.

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