Monday, 23 March 2015

March 2015, Old red car gone - blue car in garage.

Well the old red car has finally gone to a new home.  In the end a guy called Dave from Cwmbran came last Saturday and took it away in a van - yes a van!  Four of us were able to lift the bare shell fairly easily and it slotted into the back.
White vans rule the world
Dave had bought a stainless exhaust from me last year so he now has two parts to make a car.  He had had rusty TR7's before and was pleased to take mine which was in much better condition that his previous ones. I am pleased to report it arrived safely and undamaged at its destination. 

Quick tidy up and the blue car could now fit into its proper home.
Before, Garage almost ready
After, Finally - It Fits!
I could now concentrate on all those little jobs I have been putting off.  
First was the underfloor gaiter for the handbrake. I didn't take a picture myself so I had to pinch this one off the Rimmer Bros page, hope they don't mind.
Rubber underfloor handbrake gaiter
 This gaiter seals where the cable joins the handbrake lever.  Its not difficult to do but fiddly. You need the centre console taking out to access the top of the tunnel and the cable has to be disconnected at the axle on the drivers side to give a bit of slack to work with.  Took about 45mins including the mandatory tea break. When its finished of course there is nothing to see for all your work!

Next job will be to fit the instrument pod with the oil pressure gauge and get the trip working. Another fiddly one but I have had this apart before so know where the hidden screws are. 

I have also noticed the right side headlamp pod is a bit slow coming up and it has make a squeeky noise a few times. I know the linkages are all well lubricated so it looks like will have to look at the motor. There are several good spares on the shelf so that is a job for when there is nothing else to do.

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